Thriving and Exciting News!

Hello to readers new and old.

I hope everyone is doing well and have enjoyed the latest posts that I have written on the blog.

As loyal readers of the blog will know, I have developed my writing further by contributing to a new digital magazine for those young people living with chronic illness.  The Pillow Fort Magazine ethos is to provide a positive space for those living with chronic illness, and the magazine is a small part of their mission.

The latest issue is the 4th edition to be published and the theme was Thriving.  As a result therefore there are many submissions from those who also live with chronic illness who have not wallowed in misery due to their circumstances but how they have used their personal experiences of illness to grow and thrive.  Each page will inspire and lift your spirits.  It’s a fantastic read, I promise.

I wrote a piece on the chronic illness community and how that our experiences with illness allows us to grow and thrive as individuals and as a community.  I compare the chronic illness to flowers that grown and bloom after being inspired by a quote from Mulan – “The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all”.



To find out more and to purchase your own copy of the magazine just click on the picture below. Copy-of-The-Pillow-Fort-3-1-600x600


If however you are unsure that you will  enjoy the magazine and so don’t want to spend the £3 for the magazine, The Pillow Fort Magazine is also offering a sample issue FREE which includes highlights from the first four issues of the magazine!  Just head on over to the The Pillow Fort website and scroll down to the Pillow Fort Magazine Sampler enter your name and email address and voila it will be sent to your inbox for you to enjoy and savour.



In other news I am very excited to announce that I have been nominated for two awards for the upcoming WEGO Health Activist Awards.  Two members of the wonderful chronic illness community has nominated me for:

  • Best in Show: Blog
  • Best in Show: Twitter

I am s overwhelmed and humbled that there are people that have taken the time and thought of me as worthy of such a lovely accolade so I would like to thank those who nominated from the bottom of my heart.  This year, WEGO Health has set up a Nominee Directory where you can find out the other nominees, find out more information about them as well as the awards they have been nominated for.  Also, you can even endorse nominations by pressing a button and entering your name and email address.

Therefore, I am asking everyone who regularly reads my blog and enjoy my posts to take the time to endorse my nominations if you so wish.  You can view my page in the directory by clicking here.

And you can also take the time to thank the health activists and bloggers that have made a difference in your life or community by nominating them for one of the fourteen awards this year by going to the nomination page.


2 thoughts on “Thriving and Exciting News!

  1. Congratulations on both the WEGO nominations and writing for The Pillow Fort! I’ve only just found your blog and am looking forward to reading more!

    Louise 🙂

  2. Rhiann, Your WEGO Health nominations are certainly well deserved. I commend you on all your efforts to support the chronic illness community. It’s my pleasure to engage in our “running” friendship on social media. xxx -Pam-

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