Enjoy the small, simple silver linings

I was inspired to write this new blog post after reading a particular article from ‘The Huffington Post

The article was regarding recent research by the biscuit brand go ahead! to find out what really makes people in Britain happy.

Surprisingly, what topped the list was not extravagant things  The list was compiled however by simple pleasures walking in the sunshine which topped the list as well as other feel-good pleasures such as getting into fresh bed sheets, having a cuddle from someone and listening to your favourite song as examples.

Reading the article, made me think of life with chronic illness.  Often when living with a chronic illness, such as lupus, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia for example, we are constantly looking for the next big successful outcome or achievement to make us feel-good or give us a sense of peace.  I know when symptoms are very bad, I know that I feel miserable, and only imagine myself only being happy again if I were to be miraculously cured or the severity of the symptoms subsided.  Day-to-day we are often too focused on our symptoms and the negative effect that they are having on us  not only physically but also psychologically and emotionally.

We therefore forget to focus on the small pleasures that make us happy and take us out of ourselves; the forget the negative situation that we find ourselves in and to find happiness in what is around us.

So, I have decided that I would write my own personal list of my own feel-good pleasures that makes me happy:

  1. Reading my favourite book
  2. Receiving a handwritten letter
  3. Looking at colourful butterflies


  4. Receiving flowers
  5. Getting into fresh bed sheets
  6. Watching my favourite film
  7. Receiving a lovely comment on a blog post I have written
  8. Finding a lovely present for someone
  9. Receiving a hug from someone
  10. Seeing a rainbow
  11. Being wrapped in a warm blanket especially on cold dark evenings
  12. Receiving an unexpected phone call from a friend
  13. Being pampered, e.g. a massage or a trip to the hairdresser’s
  14. Applying colourful nail polish on my nails

  15. The smell of popcorn
  16. The taste of chocolate
  17. Being kissed by my dog Honey
  18. Spending Sundays with Mum
  19. The feel of soft and clean towels
  20. Going out and enjoying the sunshine
  21. My gorgeous cushions which brighten my bed and helps keep me comfortable when I rest in bed
  22. Waking up after a restless sleep
  23. Browsing in a book shop
  24. Making decopauge cards
  25. Completing a level of a game that I had been stuck on for ages
  26. Publishing a blog post that I had been working hard on
  27. People smiling and saying hello to me on the street
  28. Enjoying my favourite drink and relaxing in my favourite coffee shop
  29. Laughing
  30. The sound of the rain

Those are some of the things that would be on my persona top favourite feel-good moment list.  What would be on yours?  Comment below and let me know!!

To see the full list of what British people voted as their top favourite feel-good pleasures, visit the Huffington Post article here.






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