Spreading my wings…

As most of my regular already know, I love to write and although this very blog gives me an excellent opportunity to do so, I often wish that I could have an opportunity to write for a wider audience.

So, I am very pleased that this week, I have been published in two excellent publications.

Firstly, several weeks ago, I received an email from a journalist from PharmaTimes magazine, which is a very well-respected healthcare and pharmaceutical publication.  The magazine offers independent, authoritative and trustworthy content on key issues and topics that are of relevance for those working in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.  As part of the development of the magazine, they have began to interview one patient per month regarding their own views and issues that affect them as they navigate the healthcare system from the ‘other side.’  The email therefore was to ask me if I would be interested in taking part in an interview giving my own personal views on the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

I agreed as not only was it a great opportunity to discuss my views on a subject that affects much of my life as one piece of my identity – a patient.  It however was also an opportunity to help professionals gain an insight into the patient perspective and represent the patient population by doing so, especially as a patient living with a rare neurological condition.

The Patient File

In addition, I have again been published in yet another edition of the wonderful ‘The Pillow Fort’ Magazine.  For new readers, The Pillow Fort Magazine is an e-magazine for and written by young(ish) people affected by chronic illness.  Each issue has a different theme, and this particular issue was based around “Self-Care”.  This edition features many informative, interesting and relevant articles based around the concept of self-care from an ‘A to Z of Self-Care’, through to exercise for well-being and even delicious recipes for ‘self-care’ cocktails.

As a result I wrote an article based around self-care and holidays and how we can still take care ourselves even when away from our regular routines and everything that provides us with comfort.  This article was inspired by my recent cruise and how I participated in self-care when I felt at my worst and stuck on a moving ship.




To check out this wonderfully positive and inspiring magazine and/or purchase this particular issue (or previous editions) then please do so by clicking my affiliated link below:



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