What’s in a name?


Welcome to the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge brought together by WEGO Health – a social network for all health activists.  Again, I am participating in the annual Writer’s Month Challenge in which I will be writing about my health activism and health condition based upon prompts given.

The prompt reads as given:

“Health Tagline”…Give yourself, your blog, or your condition, or some aspect of your health a tagline. Make sure it’s catchy!

Again this is a prompt that has been involved in the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge during a previous year; so again I thought I would do the prompt a little differently than described.

What is in a name?  Not only is it a very famous quote from Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ but it  also has a significant value in everyday life; every person recognises themselves by their name.  A name gives an identity  and meaning whether it be a person, a book, or even a blog.  A names enables us to be able to identify a person or an object, as well as being able to differentiate one thing from another.  A name is powerful tool in language.

So to choose a blog name is important; it not only gives the blog its own identity but also gives the writer a voice.  A name gives the audience an understanding of the subject matter of the blog, even before they start to read. So, what made me choose the name ‘My Brain Lesion and Me’?  For starters, I thought the name was reminiscent of a book; of a story and in my opinion that is exactly what the blog is about – it is a story of my life and experiences with living with a neurological condition.

In a previous year, I had decided to come up with the tagline ‘Once upon a Dizzy Spell…A story of a girl living with a neurological condition’.  What made me choose this particular tagline is because as a young girl I loved fairy tales, especially the classic tales of princesses and princes.  I was an avid viewer of Disney films such as ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘The Little Mermaid’ and loved the romantic stories and the promise of a happily ever after.  Another reason for the chosen tagline is that my life living with a neurological condition all started with that very first dizzy spell all those years ago.  And that dizzy spell was the beginning of the journey to where I am now…


And what if I were to give myself a tagline, what would I choose to give myself?  I was thinking long and hard and decided in the end for:

Stumbling along the silver lining

I decided upon this particular tagline, as for starters my legs have been particularly bad recently, and often due to the trembling, walking becomes a lot more like stumbling!  Furthermore, I would like to think that I am a positive person despite my neurological condition.  For example, I keep a positivity board and scatter various items adorned with positive quotes as an attempt to look for the silver linings in life, as hard and difficult as living with a chronic illness can be, and so the above tagline for myself was born!,

If you had to create a tagline for yourself, what would yours be?  As ever would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions so please feel free to add your comments below…


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