The People I Love to Follow…


Welcome to the fifteenth day of the National Health Blog Post Month Challenge hosted by WEGO Health.  Every day during the month of November I will be writing a new blog post related to health and living with a chronic illness based on given prompts provided by WEGO Health.

Today’s prompt reads:

Favourite Fridays: Who are your favourite people to follow on social media?  (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)





The first person that I love to follow on Twitter is of course my best friend and surrogate sister @AishaJemima.  Aisha is a truly inspirational woman; who is determined to fight for all those suffering with chronic illness through her work establishing ‘Unseen Magazine’; a magazine coming soon for everyone living with or caring for someone with a chronic illness.  Although, fighting with a chronic illness herself, Aisha works very hard behind the scenes on the magazine, but more than that despite everything she has to contend with her tweets are always extremely positive and uplifting and as well as this she is always sends a lot of support to a great many number of fellow ‘spoonies’.

An example of the positive and uplifting tweets I have received from Aisha:


Another person on Twitter who I love to follow is another ‘spoonie’ friend of mine @anyadei.  Anya is a very compassionate and intelligent young woman who is extremely passionate about patient advocacy and self-management of long-term health conditions.  On social media such as Twitter Anya, always raises great and though-provoking questions regarding  topics relating to healthcare, self-management of long-term health conditions and patient issues; as well as tweeting links to a variety of different articles relating to issues she is clearly so passionate about.  And as well as all this and working in this particular field and battling several long-term health conditions herself, she still remains extremely supportive of myself and other spoonies on social media; with supportive tweets sent on days which are proving to be very bad.  It is tweets such as these which really make these bad days bearable.  Thank you xx

And finally…

An organisation that I am involved with and following on various forms of social media is @NeuroNula.  As someone who is living with a long-term neurological condition myself, I know how little support there is out there for neurological conditions.  And not just support but also information regarding other services and organisations that can provide services for patients with neurological conditions.  Therefore, that is why I love following Neuro Nula on social media as well as sharing or retweeting messages that they have posted – if it can help one person to feel like they are not alone in this journey of living with a neurological condition as I have done for so long then it is a job well done.  I really look forward to seeing the final website and meeting other people with neurological conditions and gaining new friends along the way!

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