Favourite Fridays! My 3 Favourite Quotes…



Welcome to the eighth day of the National Health Blog Post Month Challenge hosted by WEGO Health.  Every day during the month of November I will be writing a new blog post related to health and living with a chronic illness based upon given prompts provided by WEGO Health.

Today’s prompt reads:

Favourite Fridays.  Make a list of 3 favourite quotes

I absolutely adore this prompt as I am a lover of positive quotations; they are uplifting and a lovely reminder of what good there is still in the world when illness seems to get in the way of enjoying life.  In fact, I am such a lover of such positive quotes that I have started my own positivity board in my bedroom which has some positive quotes, which I love.  So, what are my 3 favourite quotes?

My Top 3 favourite quotes:







And here is my 'Positivity Board'
And here is my ‘Positivity Board’



What are your favourite quotes?  Fee free to comment below…


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