My condition sends me in a spin!



Welcome again to the third post for the National Health Blog Post Month hosted by WEGO Health. Every day during the month of November I will be writing a new blog post related to health and living with a chronic illness based upon given prompts provided by WEGO Health.

Today’s prompt reads:

My Mascot! Give your condition, community or self a mascot.  Who is it?  What do they represent?  What is their battle cry?

To represent my condition in the form of a mascot, I have chosen to represent it using an inanimate object instead of a person or animal.   I have decided that the mascot for my condition will be a spinning top.


The world due to my condition is constantly moving ; and very regularly the dizziness becomes severe vertigo sending my whole world in a spin.  The room spins so fast, just like the spinning top.  A perfect representation of how my condition affects me everyday.

However, it is not only the dizziness and vertigo that affects; as regular readers of my blog would know that the condition also causes weakness in my legs which often results in my legs giving way from under me.   The spinning top also can represent this part of my condition as the spinning top falls after it stops spinning;  Falls, like those that happens to a spinning top after it stops spinning is a constant part of my life; my legs will suddenly collapse from under me, causing a fall to the floor!

Now, there is much more to my condition such as the fatigue that I constantly experience, or the visual disturbances but just like any mascot that I could have chosen could not have represented every facet of my life with this condition but I wanted something to represent the symptoms which  I consider to be the biggest challenges that I face daily due to the condition which I live with.

If you could represent your condition with a mascot, what would you choose?  Let me know your thoughts!  Feel free to comment below…


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