Share your Story. Share your Strength…

Hey Everyone

Some of you may know that I am involved with a new project called Neuro Nula. This site is a new online community for those with neurological conditions, their carers and families and its aim is to bring patients and their families together to share their stories, experiences, advice and most of all their support to help others and to make new and lasting friendships.

The site will include stories of patients with a variety of neurological conditions, as well as safe and moderated forums to chat with others and get advice and support as well as signposts for a variety of UK neurological organisations that can provide further advice and support.

I am honoured to have been asked to share my own personal story, which I have written and will be added to the site when it is up and running.

The site is hoping to be fully up and running by mid October and are looking for other people with neurological conditions to share their story as well as finding out about local neurological organisations that are in your area. So if you have any knowledge of such organisations or would like to share your story to help others then please get in touch with the team at their email address:

2 thoughts on “Share your Story. Share your Strength…

  1. I would love to but haven’t got the energy today.i am 46 and have been chronically ill for 17 months.i have four brain lesions.prior to the onset of this i was a professional,with a fantastic career,juggling it with bringing my boys up.our whole world has changed.tx Tracey Wilkinson

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    • Thank you for your reply Tracey

      Not to worry, you don’t have to share your story today but if you are interested then just email the team and can explain that you would like to but haven’t got the energy and you can submit it at a later day.

      Take care of yourself xx

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