The Ingredients of being chronically ill

I was reading the Weekly Writing Challenge over at WordPress ‘The Daily Post’ and I loved the idea of writing a recipe to describe someone and thought maybe I could use this prompt to write a recipe to describe the life of a chronically ill patient!  So here it goes:






Recipe for a Chronically Ill Person

Main Dish:

4 cups of pain

2 tablespoons of dizziness

3 cups of fatigue

1 teaspoon of depression

2 afternoon naps

8 oz. of determination and strength

Pinch of wobbly legs

2 oz of awesomeness

1 comfortable bed

All the spoons you can find!!



To Garnish (optional): 

1 wheelchair

6 falls

1 awesome carer

1 pet to comfort you during times of sadness and misery



Mix all the ingredients well in a very large bowl with a wooden spoon.  Stir well.  When everything is combined; pour into a dish and place in the fridge overnight.  If desired, add the garnish and serve!





So, if you were to write a recipe for a chronically ill person, what ingredients would you suggest for it?  Let me know your thoughts and comment below!


9 thoughts on “The Ingredients of being chronically ill

  1. I like your recipe (though “like” somehow doesn’t seem the right word, you know?)! I think I’d also through in an optional sprinkling of guilt – at least that’s my experience 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment; and yes I know what you mean – often on Facebook you ‘like’ certain status updates relating to illness; you don’t really like what they have stated but just want them to know that you have
      read it and understand what they are experiencing.

      Yes! Guilt is very often an ingredient for those with chronic illness – guilt for not being able to do things, or guilt for having to cancel plans because of illness.

      Thank you for your input 🙂

      Rhiann xx

  2. Thanks for sharing. It’s interesting to read how different people respond to this challenge. For me, I had to look at myself honestly and then sort out my ingredients. Take care.

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