Getting through the tough times with chronic illness…

What gets you through the tough times with illness?  What are you go-to things when going through a flare, or your symptoms have deteriorated?

As many of you already know; some of my symptoms such as the dizziness and trembling in the legs have become worse.  These symptoms have not just affected me physically, but also has affected me psychologically.  Especially, as I have missed opportunities such as going to Life 4 Living, and even the trips out with my personal assistant have been cut short as I have felt so bad.  This has then made me feel down; negatively affecting my mood, leaving me to feel even worse – and the cycle continues.

Yesterday, however, although I felt unwell and the dizziness was bad, a friend invited me out for a meal; encouraged me to get out of the house and promised to cheer me up. I actually spent the day in my pyjamas, curled up with a blanket, and watched television and films.  The dizziness was so intense that the last thing I wanted to do was to leave the house; leave my safe cocoon from the world.  But I am so glad I did, as I had a fantastic time!

We went to our regular place for a meal; a place which to me is safe and familiar.  And as we chatted about what was happening in our lives, and laughing over funny little anecdotes that we were sharing, my mind was taking off the dizziness, even though my world was still off-balance and moving.  And for the first time, I felt content and happy despite the dizziness, trembling in the legs and the pain.

Sure, I was tired after arriving home, but I felt happy, and had great memories of a night out with a fantastic friend.  Spending time with friends and having a good time seems to be a great distraction from daily life with chronic illness and something that I need to see me through the tough times when dealing with the daily symptoms that the condition causes.

I couldn’t do it every night, clearly, and when I can barely walk or stand then my favourite DVD’s and my iPad and television will have to be enough to see me through the tough days with chronic illness.

What do you need when you are suffering badly with particular symptoms?  Is there anything which distracts you from fatigue, pain or depression?  Please share by commenting below!


3 thoughts on “Getting through the tough times with chronic illness…

    • Thank you so much for your reply Marissa!! Feels like ages since we last spoke!

      I wouldn’t say I am brave but thank you for saying it anyway 🙂

      Yes, music is a great distraction tool – I seem to have the soundtrack of Les Miserables on repeat loads as I find the songs are amazing and really get lost in the story and lyrics!!

      I hope you are well and we’ll have to catch up soon

      Rhiann xx

  1. Rhiann, When I’m having a difficult time with my walking, I listen to my iPod. Indeed, sometimes the beat of the music helps to “normalize” my stride. I’m right there with you and Marissa, music serves as a wonderful distraction…from all sorts of woes! Keep on asking those thought-provoking questions. -Pamela-

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