Sick to Chic!

With all the falls that I have been experiencing lately, the crutch that I bought myself last year has taken quite a battering!  The crutch itself has dents, scratches – some of the damage that has been caused by the falls has even caused some cuts on myself.  Where the paintwork on the crutch has flaked, it has caused the paint to sharpen; and it is these sharpened points that has been causing cuts on my legs and feet when I have had falls in the house.

Also, the anatomical moulded right-handed designs have become uncomfortable, and where it has rubbed against my fingers, a callous has formed there!  So I thought that I would treat myself to a new crutch – one which would be more comfortable and not cut me!  I remembered reading online on a forum that I often visit, that one lady recommended an online store that sells crutches at a reasonable price.  And therefore I headed to Chic Aid Crutches to look at the range that they offered.

And what I found was impressive!  Chic Aid Crutches offers an impressive range of different crutches, including full cuff crutches, half cuff crutches, designer crutches and even folding ones!  And even more impressive is the wide range of colours that are available!  We have all seen the standard NHS crutches – they are heavy, uncomfortable and the grey colour just looks dull and boring.  Using them, feels depressing as they are just not fashionable!  Why should we be sick and be unfashionable with it?  Especially when we have the option to use a bright,  colourful and fashionable mobility aid which feels comfortable, lightweight and what’s more is fun!  It does not feel like a mobility aid but rather a fun fashion accessory!

After purchasing the crutch, the delivery time was fantastic – I only waited a day for it to arrive, and the crutch was also well-packaged and with no damage to the crutch whilst it was in transit.

Lately, I have really come to love the colour orange – its bright, fun and is a colour that instantly cheers me up.  It’s a reminder of a beautiful sunset.  And it’s because of this, I chose an orange colour for my new crutch.  A beautiful and cheerful colour that will look lovely during these Summer months.

My brand new crutch
My brand new crutch


And it has some great features – a padded foam covered handle – which is very comfortable to use and what is even more great is that it doesn’t rub against my finger.  The height can be adjusted in tow places – the height from the floor to the handle, and between the handle and the cuff.  This is great for me, being short!  It is also very lightweight and is quiet when it’s being used; great for when I am in the house and my Dad is in bed after working nights, as the NHS standard crutches can be noisy when being used.  Another fantastic feature and incredibly useful is the black Pivoflex ferrule, which provides increased stability with their ‘flex’ action – a feature that is great for me, due to my balance problems, and so a mobility that aid that provides increased stability really is a must-have feature.

I really love my new crutch and perhaps one day I will buy more from Chic Aid Crutches and look chic and fabulous whilst being sick!

Thank you Chic Aid Crutches!

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