A Look Back at 2012…

New year 2013

Hello to you all, I hope your Christmas and New Year went well, and you all managed to enjoy yourselves.  Now 2013 is upon us, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at last year…

Well, firstly 2012 saw the deterioration in my condition and the symptoms which affect me: the dizziness became much more intense as well as becoming constant.  As well as this, the weakness in my legs became worse, and thus saw me needing to start using a wheelchair, as the weakness left me with an inability to stand for shorter periods of time.

However, although last year, saw a deterioration in my symptoms there was still a lot to be thankful, including the following:

  • The creation of the blog; gaining a lot of new friends and contacts within the world of chronic illness 
  • Taking part in the wonderful 12-12-12 Project hosted by the wonderful Marissa over at abledis.com 
  • Having two articles published online; one for ‘Invisible Illness Week


  • Joining the wonderful group ‘Life 4 Living’ in which I became the group’s secretary; giving me a sense of pride and purpose 
  • Can’t forget the two nominations I received for the blog as part of the WEGO Health Activist Awards!!  Thank you for whomever nominated me and the blog
  • Receiving help from Social Services to help me manage the condition, as well as being able to employ a personal assistant to help me get out of the house more!

I just wanted the opportunity to show people that although many of us, battle everyday with chronic illness, it does not mean that our lives need to be full of negativity and despair, but instead there are many positives that can be as a result of said illness.  I recently bought myself a gorgeous print from a local artist, which sums this up beautifully:




The quote says: “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over…it became a butterfly”


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