On the 12th Day of Christmas…



Welcome to the 12th (and final day!) of the ’12 Days of Being Chronically Thankful’ a series of posts in which I divulge and explore all that for which i am thankful for whilst also living with a chronic illness.

And finally, on the ’12th Day of Christmas’ I was thankful for…a TV show!

The one TV show that I would say that I am thankful for is ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ – one of the TV shows that I will watch when I am unwell, and especially on the days when I am so weak and dizzy that I am stuck in bed.  The show is incredibly dramatic for it to be gripping, but also has an incredible amount of humour thrown in for it to make me laugh and cheer me up when I am feeling down.

And for that I am ‘chronically’ thankful!

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