On the 11th Day of Christmas…



Welcome again to the ’12 Days of Being Chronically Thankful’ in which I share all those things which I am thankful for whilst living with a chronic condition.

On the ’11th Day of Christmas’ I was thankful for…a photograph!  And this is the photograph that I have chosen to be thankful for:

My family and I at graduation
My family and I at graduation


I am grateful for this photograph as it is a reminder of my greatest achievement – that despite living with a chronic illness, although at that point it was still undiagnosed, I still managed to leave university with a degree!  A reminder that although I, and many people like me, are chronically ill, and although we may have more bad days than most other people, that does not mean that our lives has to be meaningless and empty, and that we are still capable of achieving our goals.

It’s also a reminder of a great day – graduating after 3 years of hard work and sharing that moment with the most important people in my life – my family.

And for that I am ‘chronically’ thankful!


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