On the 5th Day of Christmas….



Welcome again to the ’12 Days Of Christmas – a celebration of everything that I am thankful for whilst living with a chronic illness.  On the 5th Day of Christmas…I was thankful for an object!

The object that I am thankful for?  Well definitely lately it has been my crutch.  An object that comes with me wherever I go, and as in my opinion, symptoms have become worse lately, I find that I am needing it more and more whilst in the house.  I rely on this crutch, especially when out, as it often prevents me from experiencing falls ( sometimes falls are very bad, that even the crutch will not prevent them – but for the most part, it saves me!).  It basically just helps me to keep my balance and to help me walk everyday.

And not only is it extremely useful in helping me live my life with the condition, but the crutch is not one of those boring crutches that are provided by the NHS.  Oh no, my crutch is bright pink, is lighter and much quieter than the grey standard crutches (great for when Dad is on nights and is in bed during the day!!) – the crutch feels funky and chronically awesome.  Even when living with a chronic illness, it doesn’t have to stop you from being fashionable!


A picture of what my ‘cool’ crutch looks like!

And for that I am ‘chronically’ thankful!


To find out more about the crutch that I own and others in the range, then visit their website at:




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