On the 4th Day of Christmas….



Welcome to the 4th Day of this re-working of the ’12 Days of Christmas’ chronically ill style – where we share for 12 days what we are ‘chronically’ thankful for twelve days using given categories (as shown above).

So on the 4th day of Christmas….I was given a book.  Just like with films, I am a huge book lover, some might even say a complete book-worm (seriously I have just finished a book which I only started under 24 hours ago!).   So, choosing just one book to say that I am thankful for is so tough!!

One of the most inspirational books that I personally, have ever read is that of ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’.  Of course, everyone knows the story of Anne Frank, and how her entire family and other Jewish associates were held up in a small flat in Amsterdam for over two years, in hiding from the Nazi’s.  This book, is a true testament to the strength of a young girl and other just like her, whilst also telling the horrors of the Holocaust.  The book is a great example, which demonstrates everything we often take for granted – freedom being the most obvious theme.  It is a book which is though-provoking and makes us thankful for everything in our own lives.


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