On the 3rd Day of Christmas….



I am so sorry everyone for missing yesterday and the 3rd Day of Christmas!  I had yet another bad day so really didn’t feel like writing, instead comforting myself with a night in front of the television, snuggling up with a blanket.  So today is a catch-up day with Days 3 and 4 of the 12 Days of being ‘Chronically’ thankful!

So, on the 3rd day, we are asked to write about a person we are thankful.  Normally, I would write about my Mum or dad but I have written about how I much I am grateful for them before.  So, I was instead asking myself who else I am thankful for?  And the answer would be my new Personal Assistant.

Before employing my personal assistant, my days were mostly the same – being stuck inside the house, staring at the same four walls, even doing all the same things.  I was definitely stuck in a rut.  Now at least once a week, my P.A takes me out, and not only to places where I am familiar – I have even started visiting new places, experiencing different new ventures.  And not only is my P.A opening new worlds to me but she is even committed to finding different clubs or associations that caters for people around my age in similar circumstances, to provide me with new opportunities to socialise with others as well as gaining new support and information on anything which can benefit me and improve my overall quality of life.

And for that I am thankful!


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