On the 2nd Day of Christmas…



Time for the ‘Second Day of Being Chronically Thankful’, and today’s category is…film.

This is a really hard category for me as I am a bit of a film lover, and have many DVD’s in my collection – some for thrills, lots of laughs and many filled with much drama too!  So selecting just one is really difficult!

But I would say that I am ‘chronically thankful’ for one of my favourites – ‘The Proposal’ starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.  A romantic comedy telling the story of Canadian boom editor Margret (Bullock), who after finding out she is due to be deported from the United States as her Visa has expired concocts a hilarious scheme to pretend to be engaged to her long-suffering assistant Andrew (Reynolds)….


This film is so funny, and never fails to make me laugh, even on those days when the symptoms are making my life hell, instantly cheering me up and putting a great big smile on my face!!

I’m ‘chronically thankful’ for that….


What films are you thankful for?…



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