12 Days of Being ‘Chronically’ Thankful

Hey Everyone

How are you all doing?  I hope everyone’s preparations for the Holidays are going well.  I noticed on Facebook  that someone I follow added this to her wall:




I thought this was such a great idea, that I have decided to incorporated it into my blog.  Being unwell the majority of the time is exceptionally hard – if is often an uphill battle some days just to get out of bed, or to complete those chores that need doing.  There are instances when it seems that you are unable to cope when symptoms are just so bad.  So, it is critically important to remember the little things that we are thankful for, those little things which makes it easier for us to cope, or simply by putting a smile on our face during those bad days.

As you can see from the above image, for every day for 12 days we are asked to name something that we are thankful for in each of the 12 categories.  The first category is ‘song’.

So what song am I ‘chronically’ thankful for?  Well, there are so many songs that are out there which I love, puts a smile on my face or helps me remember a time where I was happy.  But I would have to nominate the Lady Gaga hit ‘Born This Way’ as a song which makes me thankful.

It is a beautiful reminder that we are all different, and that those differences which makes us unique are also those which makes us special and beautiful.  I often will listen to the song on those bad days and be reminded that it is OK to be different from others.

Living with a chronic illness like mine, a neurological condition which can produce many unusual and invisible symptoms such as dizziness, legs which suddenly collapse with no warning and a dislike to high ceilings, it can often make me feel really odd or have even called myself a ‘freak’; a comment I have also heard from others.  So to have a song which reminds me that I am not, and it is these differences from others which makes me a snowflake – unique and beautiful.

And that makes me thankful!



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