NHBPM Day 30: Recap

Well the ‘National Health Blog Post Month’ is officially over.

I would like to thank WEGO Health for providing all of the wonderful prompts for the entire month.

I would also like to thank all my readers who commented on Facebook, Twitter or on the blog itself.

It has been a very tough month of writing, especially because at the same time I have also been busy with volunteering, as well as my group and going out with my Personal Assistant, so much of my writing has happened on the days in which I am free.  This has involved much organisation, preparation and hours at my computer typing away!

I would like to say that I am proud that I have managed to write for every single day for the month of November – not even needing to use any of the free passes that were given to us at the start of the month, even though at times I really did not feel like writing I wanted to continue and complete the entire 30 days so I would feel that I have achieved something.

This challenge has had a great mix of fun topics such as ‘Sneak Peek in my Bag‘; ‘Giving Thanks‘ and ‘Flag for my Community‘ through to the more emotive topics, for example ‘O Health! What do I think of thee? Let Me Count the Ways…‘ and the ‘Book Report! Tying it to My Life!‘, as well as the topics that relate to health and the health conditions in which us health activists live with and has given us a chance to educate people on how these conditions impact upon our life, such as the ‘The Ever Changing Goal Posts‘, ‘Being there for someone with a chronic illness‘ and the related post ‘How to care someone with my condition‘ and a post regarding why the chronically ill love the internet.

Along the way, there have also been many prompts that have sparked though-provoking debates, as well as reflecting on the issues that affect daily life with chromic illness, which has been effective in spreading awareness and making people more aware.  Some of these issues that were raised includes:


I would love to know your thoughts on the ‘National Health Blog Post Month’- what did you think of the prompts and subject areas that I have written about during the past 30 days?  What did you think the most enjoyable posts was?  And which posts did you not enjoy?  Have you any criticisms or suggestions on how any part of the NHBPM could be improved on for next year?

Please leave any comments or suggestions below!  And thank you so much for all your time reading and commenting on my posts!  I am going to take a nice long break now!!

Until next time….


2 thoughts on “NHBPM Day 30: Recap

  1. Congratulations on doing the full month. I know what a stress it can be but yet at the same time is so rewarding personally and good to get the word out. The topics are challenging and there is so much to think about.

    Linda in Winnipeg

    • Thank you Linda for your kind words 🙂

      Yes it has been a great stress and really difficult writing everyday especially when living with illness but at times it has provided me with a great distraction to take me out of it all for a while.

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