NHBPM Day Twenty-Five: If I had unlimited spoons….

Welcome to the 25th Day of ‘National Health Blog Post Month’.  Today, I am going to use a prompt from yesterday.  One of the prompts asks us to write about how we would spend our time if we had more than 24 hours or unlimited spoons.

So, I am going to write about how I would spend my day if I had unlimited spoons – and so had a full day with little to no symptoms and unlimited energy for the entire day ; to be able to do what I liked without worrying about the consequences or whether I would be able to do anything the next day.  How I would love unlimited spoons!

So, if I were to have unlimited spoons, then I would travel to Bath and spend the entire day roaming the streets of the city and all of its wonderful architecture and amazing attractions that it offers.

In the morning, I would have a substantial breakfast to give me plenty of energy for the day ahead.  After breakfast, I would have a shower and get dressed, and prepare a bag for the trip with everything I would need for a day sight-seeing.  My purse, phone, a digital camera to capture the memories of the day.  A map of Bath would also be useful, so I need not get lost in the unfamiliar surroundings of Bath.


The City of Bath

Then, I would head to Cardiff to catch a train that will take me to Bath.  It take just over an hour to get from Cardiff to the train station that is central to Bath, with quick access to the City Centre.  I have really wanted to visit Bath for some time now, a lot of people have told me what a lovely city it is to visit.  My first stop would definitely be the ‘Jane Austen Museum’.

I am a big fan of Jane Austen’s works, have read them all, and seen many of the endless adaptations of her works on both TV and film.  My favourite book of hers, is probably ‘Sense and Sensibility’.   I am also interested somewhat, in fashion, and Bath has its own Fashion Museum, so that would be a must-see attraction for me!  Someone I know recently visited Bath, and recommended a little Tea Room, called ‘Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House and Museum‘ and serves the most famous delicacy that Bath has to offer – the famous Sally Lunn Bun, and the museum shows the original kitchen in which Sally Lunn baked her infamous buns!

A trip to Bath isn’t complete without a visit to the Roman Baths, which is the heart of the World Heritage Site; an honour that the city of Bath was given in 1987.

After visiting some of the main attractions that Bath has to offer, I thunk I would spend the rest of the day exploring the shops that bath has to offer., and then finding somewhere for some dinner at a lovely local restaurant.  And after, I would head home to Wales, for a well-deserved rest!!

If you had an endless supply of spoons for the day; how would you spend it?


3 thoughts on “NHBPM Day Twenty-Five: If I had unlimited spoons….

  1. Bath is a good idea 🙂 We visited it during our trip to London last spring, but unfortunately it was one of my bad days, plus the weather was against me, so we just went to Jane Austen Centre and back, but I didn’t see much. Had to concentrate on not fainting 😦 But we want to try again next year. I hope that you will one day be able to visit Bath (again?), too 🙂

    • Thank you got your reply Barbara 🙂

      I hope I get to go Bath sometime too, and I hope you and your husband are able to make a more pleasant return. How did you find the Jane Austen Museum? It’s the one place I really want to visit!!

  2. We have only been in there for a minute, because I felt so weak, so I cannot tell you much about it. Getting from the cold outside into the warmth made it even worse for me, therefore I had to leave. Just was in the shop. Next time I want to visit the museum and have tea in the tea room, too 🙂

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