NHBPM Day Twenty-Three: Spring Cleaning!!

Welcome to Day 23 of this month-long writing challenge!  Today the prompt asks us to clean out our fridge or closet in written form, and to describe what is in our closet and how it might reflect our personality.

My closet, is rather big – taking up nearly half of an entire wall in my bedroom!  So what’s in there?  Well, first there is obviously all of my clothes – trousers, tops, jumpers, coats and so on…

In my wardrobe there are a lots of pairs of jeans – I used to live them in, but since my condition has become worse I have had problems with manual dexterity due to trembling hands, so doing up buttons have become increasingly difficult.  As a result I now live in jeggings and leggings.  I have a variety of tops – some casual, which I tend to wear on the days where I am stuck in the house, or when I am feeling unwell  – loose-fitting clothes; I even have a couple of pairs of loungewear – which are kind of like nightwear, which you can wear all-day!

I also have a range of tops, tunics which are more smart for when I go out somewhere – as I do like to make an effort if I am going out; like to look my best even if I do not feel it!  A few of my tops have butterflies on them too!!  I suppose these items would suggest that I am feminine, and that I do care about what I look like, and what others may think of me also.  All these tops with butterflies would surely suggest that I like butterflies – so they would be right!!  This also is reflected by my jewellery which includes necklaces with butterfly necklaces, butterfly charm bracelet and butterfly earrings!!  Although I do own jewellery with pendants of a flower and other paraphilia but still reflects me being a girlie-girl.

In  my closet, I also own a slanket – basically, a big blanket which you wear, has big sleeves for your arms, and a big pocket for your feet!  I bought mine on QVC in bright pink – another suggestion that I am feminine.  It would suggest that I like to feel comforted; which I do and the slanket does just that – it feels like a massive hug whilst wearing it.  I feel warm, and protected, like being in a cocoon, and great for those days when I am under the weather as well when it is extremely cold outside.

Another part of my closet, is more of the entertainment centre – it has a lot of my books, especially those by Jodi Picoult, as well as others.  This would suggest that I am a bookworm, and love to read, as well as learn as some of the books are non-fiction.  And of course a range of books on dizziness, health and the brain, so would further suggest that I am detail-orientated – if something is wrong with me, I like to know all the details that I can so I can make an informed decision on any potential plans regarding treatment or further tests.

As well, as books my closet also contains my entire DVD boxsets and films – a whole range from thrillers, dramas through to comedies and romantic comedies and dramas.  The only genre which I don’t really watch is horror films, as they scare me too much!!  These would suggest that I am a film and TV addict – as well as reflecting my wide range of interests in different areas, such as forensics, science as well as medicine and so on.

This is the inside of my closet – what is inside of yours?  And what would it say about you?

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