NHBPM Day Fourteen: Anatomy Post – Affected by my Symptoms

Welcome everybody; am writing this post on a quiet Sunday afternoon.  For today I have chosen a short prompt as this particular day I really am not feeling well.  I have chosen a prompt from an earlier date.  In the prompt entitled ‘Anatomy Post’ it was asked that we re-labelled an anatomy picture with new names or descriptions the body parts.  I have chosen to label the different parts of the body which are affected by the differing symptoms that are caused by my condition; some of them are invisible such as the dizziness and vertigo so I have used the body part in which these symptoms originate (i.e. the brain).


3 thoughts on “NHBPM Day Fourteen: Anatomy Post – Affected by my Symptoms

  1. Thanks for this blog. I am experiencing 95% of your symptoms, mine are not quite as bad as yours @ this time. I was just diagnosed with complex HSP & it helps being able to connect with other people w/ the same symptoms. I wish you the best. 🙂

    • Hi Lewis

      I am sorry to hear you are also experiencing problems with double vision also. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything which helps but if I do I will certainly write a post about it!

      Take care x

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