NHBPM Day Nineteen: Flag for my Community!!

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the 19th Day of WEGO Health’s ‘National Health Blog Post Month.’ Today I am going to keep things really short as for the past couple of days I have been suffering from constant, and quite bad double vision. As a result it makes it hard to do much at all, let alone to write a long blog post. So, I have chosen one of the bonus prompts; it asks to create a flag for our health community!

On my flag I have chosen a snowflake; the reason for this is that individuals with any kind of neurological condition are just like snowflakes, unique. Not two patients are the same – each exhibiting different symptoms, and are affected in different ways. Also, representing the fact that I am writing about a neurological condition, I have chosen an image of the brain!! And lastly, I have included a couple of butterflies – just because I love them, and I think they represent something positive – change, a beautiful thing evolving from something ugly and unsightly!!

What do you guys think??

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