NHBPM Day Seven: The Ideal Doctor’s Office

Thought this topic would be a great follow-up to yesterday’s post regarding advice for new doctors and nurses.  Today’s prompt asks us to redesign a doctor’s office or  hospital room.  Now, I am the least artistic person, so unfortunately will not be able to provide an illustration regarding the ideal doctor’s office – so imagination will be needed!

I am not sure whether I have mentioned that before the deterioration of my illness, I was able to graduate from University with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Psychology.  One lecture that I remember back then, is one on the psychology of colours and how colour can affect how we feel.  For instance, soft blues can make people feel relaxed and calm as it is associated with calm waters or clear skies.  Therefore, perhaps the ideal doctors’ offices should use light shades of blues, to calm and soothe patients, because as we all know visiting the doctor can provoke anxiety and fear, so offices need to have a relaxing and soothing effect on the patient.

An example of a relaxing doctors’ office! Much nicer than the sterile, stereotypical white walls, don’t you think?


Another important aspect to consider regarding doctor’s offices is the seating arrangement.  It is reported that when the patient is sitting opposite, a doctor whom is sitting behind a desk, patients report feeling intimidated, and the desk being perceived as a barrier.  Consequently, it is reported that the best seating arrangement is when the doctor and patient are sitting at a 90° angle to one another, known as the ‘corner position’.   It said that this arrangement is less threatening, and allows for good eye contact as well as having an opportunity to use gestures; it is meant for more casual, friendly conversation but is one with which the patient will feel more at ease with the doctor.

I know when I visit the doctor, I prefer those rooms which have a view, a window which allows a lot of sun into the room, makes the room feel fresh and light.  Air-conditioning is also an important issue to consider, myself I hate feeling too warm as it can exacerbate my symptoms, making me feel anxious and on edge.  I also find it helpful when there are lovely prints on the walls of nature or picturesque, idyllic scenes, and are especially useful when having a blood test and it gives the opportunity to focus on something other than the needle and blood!

That is all I can think of for the ultimate doctor’s office; a relaxing, calming space to ease the anxiety of having to go in the first place!! Is there anything else that I have missed – what would be your ideal doctor’s office?

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