ATOS has really come the bain of the sick and disabled. I myself have had many troubles, especially with the WCA and failing each time; them failing to take into account the problems that I experience daily and the effect that it has on my ability to function. Plus, the times where I have received a copy of the medical report and finding errors and omissions. They need to be held accountable and need to see the effect that it is having on the vulnerable people in our society.

the void

A man stripped of benefits after falling victim to the notorious Work Capability Assessment has announced he will end his hunger strike outside the Cardiff offices of Atos Healthcare however a week long vigil will continue.

UPDATE: 7/11/12 – Latest from Christos: I am still on hunger strike. Whether it is right or not for me to stage this type of protest is not the right question to be asking at this moment in time. The right question to ask is why am I on hunger strike. See the comments below and more at:

Christos Palmer is targeting the company due to their involvement in assessments which are used to declare even those with serious and terminal conditions ‘fit for work’. Christos, who has both mental and physical health problems, including depression, self-harm and mobility issues, has been fasting since the beginning of the weekend. To the great relief…

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