NHBPM Day Two: The Annoyance of Living With a Neurological Condition!

What I have chosen to write about doesn’t really constitute as being ‘weird’ but more of a ‘nuisance.’  What is the nuisance aspect of my health condition?

It would have to be the unpredictable nature of the condition – never knowing when I am next going to become unwell; when the vertigo is going to come on.  One minute I can be feeling quite good (due to the constant dizziness I never feel one hundred per cent) and then BAM out of nowhere it comes on and catches me by surprise.   Life with a neurological condition like mine is really like living on a rollercoaster!

Similarly, with the weakness in my legs, and the problems I experience with them giving way can also be unpredictable and will do so suddenly out of the blue.  On occasions I have gone out, browsing the stores in my local town and then all of a sudden I am on the floor as my legs have collapsed from under me.

As you can imagine this can be a nightmare, especially when making plans with others especially in advance as I can never know how I am going to feel on that particular day; or whether I will become unwell at the event or night out.   And my legs also makes it very difficult to make plans or even to go out as I have no idea when the next time they are going to give way, and as I am often unable to get up after a fall it can make it very awkward and embarrassing if I do suffer one when out, which means that I am only able to go out for short periods of time when I do to decrease the risks of any collapses as standing for too long or over exertion can be a trigger of these attacks.

And there is the suspicion of other people as the randomness of how one minute I feel fine, and the next I am absolutely giddy for no apparent reason confuses them.  It’s easy to assume that the person is faking or exaggerating the symptoms when they seemingly appear out of nowhere; but this isn’t the case, believe me I would much rather feel absolutely normal in my daily life and set out to achieve everything; to live a normal and exciting life – to able to travel, hold down a full-time job, or simply by going out with friends to parties or nightclubs.  However, my conditions stops me from doing these things; and sometimes it’s just a struggle to get up out of bed every morning and to complete the little chores that need to be completed.  I would much rather be living my life rather than by simply existing within it.


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