Comfort Box: Getting Crafty!

I was browsing on YouTube a couple of weeks ago, and came across a video by a young woman called Kelly, who like me suffers with chronic illness.  In the video she describes, and demonstrates how she made what she calls a ‘comfort box’.  It’s a box which on the outside reflects your personality and your personal likes and interests.  On the inside, however, holds on the things that you hold dear – those items which bring you comfort, a smile on your face on the bad days; those days where you feel really unwell, or so down that everything seems like such a struggle.

So, I decided to make my own comfort box, and thought I would share you some photographs of the comfort box that I made for myself:

The front of the box with a couple of pretty butterflies and jewelled gemstones that reads Comfort Box’

The back of the box that again has butterflies and a couple of sunflowers – one of my favourite flowers and symbolic of my time at ‘Life 4 Living’
Again more butterflies! Plus a bird! And some more sunflowers!

More Butterflies!! – I know I’m predictable!! 🙂