WEGO Health Advocating for Another Carnival: Letter

Welcome to the penultimate post of the WEGO Health ‘Advocating for Another’ Carnival.  Hope you all have enjoyed the posts so far.  Today’s prompt reads as follows:

Write a letter to your community and share a story of your own with them.  Extra points if you record yourself reading the letter telegram style! 

To those within my health community

I would first like to say thank you to all of you who have supported me and sent me messages during the bad times and shared my joy during the good.  Would also like to thank you for your friendship and kind words that you have written to me, and becoming a part of my ‘online’ family.  You are all unique and special, and although we all have difficulties and feel that we are unable to do certain activities, one thing that I have learnt and would like to share with you, is we all have something of valuable to offer.

It has taken me a long time to realise this, but is of something of value that I would love to share.   As most of you know, I regularly volunteer one day of my time to help at a local mental health   resource centre.  Recently, the Centre held an Open day and was looking for volunteers to go out with a collection bucket for monetary donations.  As I have significant weakness in my legs, I was unable to go out with the other volunteers in case my legs gave way.  However, I came to realise that although I was unable to volunteer in this way, there were plenty of other ways that I could help out.  For example, I am able to:

  • sit down and help make sandwiches and refreshments
  • with my crutch am able to go and greet people at the door and welcome them inside
  • during the Open Day itself I was on hand to give the ladies a pampering session with hand massages and painting nails
  • sit down and talk to the visitors

Often on the days I volunteer, I have started to even help deliver some of the courses that the Centre offers such as those on Stress and Anxiety Management – and is great seeing service users leaving these courses more confident and happier than when they arrived!  So, if some of you are reading this and thinking that due to circumstances you are unable to do this or that, than I am sure it is not sure, and even if it requires some deep thought, there might be ways around the problem.  A solution that makes it possible for you to achieve whatever it is you want to do.  And am sure that there are lots of ways that you are able to help organisations and volunteer your time.   After all we all have a variety of skills to offer!


Rhiann x


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