Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

For me, purple is my favourite colour – a lot of my clothes are purple – a lovely bright colour which makes me feel good and instantly cheers me up.  I also love my Kipling bags and have a couple in deep purple.  And so for the Weekly Photo Challenge I have used a photograph of my case for iPhone which is purple.

Due to my medical condition I have a lot of falls, and one item that I have always have on me in case of an accident is my phone, which will enable me to contact someone immediately for help.  As I have an iPhone, as others users will know the case is made of glass, and so can easily be broken – and am sure will be costly to have it fixed!!  So, I was very interested when watching ‘This Morning’ they featured the LifeProof iPhone Case.

The LifeProof case boasts that it can protect your iPhone against every-day hazards, even the ability to take it swimming or underwater with you if you so choose!  And it is the fact that it can withstand drops, knocks and tumbles that appealed to me.  It now gives me the freedom to take my iPhone with me everywhere without the fear of it breaking during a fall!!

So, what does purple look like to you?

To find out more about the LifeProof iPhone case visit: http://www.lifeproof.com/


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