Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

The WordPress ‘Weekly Photo Challenge’ asked, what does inside mean to us?  Well to start, the word ‘inside’ is defend as something which is ‘the interior, inner or enclosed part or surface.’  Now, as my blog is concerned with my life living with a neurological condition, I thus decided to take a photo of a diagram of the brain, and specifically the brainstem.

This organ weighing approximately 3 pounds lies inside our skull, in charge of all the most important functions such as breathing.  It also holds the key to our being – memories are stored here, personality develops within certain areas of the brain, it can control whether we feel pain or other emotions.  And when things go wrong within the brain or some part is damaged can result in deficits according to where the damage lies – it can also result in experiencing weird symptoms such as my dislike for high ceiling!!

So, what does the word ‘inside’ look to you?



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