What are you grateful for?

Time for a new post!

And today I will be talking about a subject we were discussing at yesterday’s ‘Life 4 Living’ – a group that I am member of in my local town, one which establishes fun, friendship and understanding.

Positive Psychology is a relatively new branch within psychology and is basically the study of happiness, and one in which scientifically examines how ordinary people can become happier and ultimately live a more fulfilled life.  Happiness is not something which makes us feel good but can also have a beneficial impact upon other areas of our lives such as social relationships, improved physical health and in a study amongst nuns it has even been found happiness can even help you live longer.

Image: http://www.paranormalpeopleonline.com/the-myth-of-positive-psychology-%E2%80%93-what-the-guru%E2%80%99s-don%E2%80%99t-want-you-to-know/

Many of us within the group suffer with chronic illness and find that we may feel unwell a lot of the time – these times, it often seems impossible to remain positive and upbeat…but that does not mean that we cannot find the beauty in life or still find joy in the little things which we enjoy.  Life is a fantastic journey – not always easy and some of us find we have to climb huge mountains but there are lessons with we can all learn from during the hard times.

As a piece of ‘homework’ we have been given an exercise to complete, a way in which we can all learn to become more positive – every day to write in a little notepad or journal 3 things that we have been grateful for – it could be absolutely anything!!  For example, it could be having a chat with a friend, or receiving a compliment from a stranger, it could even be grateful for being alive!!

Gratitude Diary – Image: www.paperchase.co.uk

At the moment, I think I would say that I am grateful for:

  • My Parents – such a great support system and have stuck by me through everything
  • My Dog – on a bad day it is wonderful just to have a cuddle from her
  • My online support system – these ladies are such a blessing, and find myself looking forward to our Skype Meetings every fortnight with joy

So, what are you grateful for?


To learn more about the ‘Nun Study’, I have found a great resource which you can read here


5 thoughts on “What are you grateful for?

  1. Great post and a good exercise for each of us to practice, regardless of our physical health. I’m grateful for the town I live in. Just big enough to have lots of social circles, but small enough so I always run into someone I know. Energetic enough that it gets better every year, but scruffy enough that there are lots of projects to take-on (I’m an architect!).

    • Thank you for the reply Sara. I agree, many people nowadays are more concerned with things that they want instead of appreciating what they already have leading to dissatisfaction, so writing and acknowledging things that we are grateful for is a great way to starve off depression and to be more positive.

      Thank you for sharing what you are grateful for – your town does sound lovely, I know when I go out and see people I know and am greeted with a smile and a quick hello and being asked how I am can brighten the day. And being an architect must be wonderful and satisfying designing and help create lovely buildings, in England and Wales there are really lovely examples of architecture especially in Bath where there is a lot of Roman style architecture 🙂

  2. I like your positive attitude! And I think that this is a great idea…I try to keep a gratitude journal myself. Some days it’s easier than others…but I’ve been so blessed, and it’s getting easier and easier to remember that. I like your blog and I will be back to read more! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your comments!! I have been making a note of my gratitudes for the past few days but excited to get my brand new notebook from a gorgeous stationary shop here called Paperchase, I love my stationary and think it makes it even more enjoyable writing in a beautiful journal or notebook. Yes, there have been times this week when I have been feeling really unwell and weak – and those times I find it incredibly difficult to find something that I am grateful for, but even the really small things like reading my favourite book or someone making me a drink or even watching my favourite film or TV programme makes life those times a little more bearable!!

      Glad you have enjoyed my blog, and you are welcome here anytime!! I have also checked your blog out too, which is awesome!! Really interesting articles and have found that I have really related with some of them, and look forward to catching up on all of the posts, really resounded with the recent article on the lack of disabled transport for people in New York – something you wouldn’t really think would happen nowadays, all places should really cater for everyone regardless whether they are disabled or not – and something I am sure will affect me much more when I receive my own wheelchair.

      Thanks again

      Rhiann x

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