Taking Part in a New Project!!

Hey Everyone

Hope you are all well, sorry I haven’t updated for a few days but again have not been feeling well – some were even spent bedridden as it was so bad, legs feeling so weak and every part of my body feeling so lethargic.  Also, have been quite busy – I have now for a couple of months have been attending a new group within my local area, many of the attendees like myself suffer with some form of disability or illness, or perhaps those who for a number of reasons find themselves stuck in the house alone.  The group, called ‘Life 4 Living is an initiative of the Pontypridd Disability Team, a branch of the RCT Social Services, the ethos of the group being to encourage friendships and for its members to spend time in a friendly, relaxed and fun environment, focusing on how to get the most out of life and to develop a positive attitude to living life to the full despite the circumstances that life has dealt you.

Anyway, recently we have formed what is called a ‘constituted group’ – to make the group more official, and hopefully be able to apply for some funding for trips for all the members – places of interest and fun activities that all members can partake in.  So, to form a constituted group, there needs to be a committee and I am happy to announce they have all voted for me to become secretary!!  So, in the times that I have not been so ill in bed, have been preparing for my new role!

And on to another piece of news…As some of you may remember, I took part in a challenge back in April called the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge.  The organisation that ran the challenge is WEGO Health, a fantastic health online community that empowers health bloggers like myself to connect with audiences and each other to spread the word of the health cause or condition that we write about.  Well, they have just launched a brand new project entitled:

It’s called the ‘HealthSecret’ which is based upon a project, PostSecret by a man called Frank Warren whereby people mail their secrets anonymously on a homemade postcard.  So, WEGO Health are asking all health activists or bloggers to mail their secrets to them on a postcard, letter or note – just as long as it gets to them via ‘snail mail.’

They are not even looking for ‘secrets’ per se, they are asking for people to write about themselves, their health condition or health community that affects them and may not be widely known.  It could even be a letter telling others exactly what it is like to live with the condition they have, or even sharing knowledge with people who may have been recently diagnosed.  Basically anything that the health activist wants others to know about their particular health cause or condition.  And with all of the postcards, letters or notes sent in, the people at WEGO Health are going to compile them into a great e-book which you can sign up for here 

So, I think this is a wonderful idea, and gets us all to be a little creative and to spread the word about out particular health conditions – I personally love handwritten mail, they just seem so personal and a sense that a lot of time and thought has gone into writing it and I am looking forward to sending in my contribution.  I have even bought a new writing set especially for the project!!:

So, if you are someone perhaps with a condition which is uncommon or perhaps one which is misunderstood by the general public then get involved in HealthSecret and shine a light on the truth as it is for you!!

You can send all letters, postcards or notes to:

WEGO Health

180 Lincoln St.

5th Floor


MA, 02111


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