HAWMC Day 25: Third Person Post

Hello Everyone!!  Welcome, it’s a brand new day and as it’s still April means it’s also time for a brand new post.  If this is your first visit then to let you know that I am taking part in the WEGO Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge meaning that throughout the whole of April I will be writing a new blog post.  The team at WEGO Health have provided all participants with a list of prompts for each of day of April which we then can incorporate into our posts.  Today’s prompt reads as follows:

Third Person Post: Write about a memory you have but describe it using the third person.  Use as many sensory images (sights, sounds, textures, etc) as you can.  Don’t use “I” or “me” unless you include dialogue.

For this challenge I have decided to use the memory of my first day at university:

The bright morning sunshine shone down on the vast university campus, the tall white buildings looking intimidating. 

The whole campus was alive, students pushing their way though the growing crowds, the air was buzzing with excitement of a new chapter in the lives of those in the crowds.  Rhiann felt it too, the excitement of what was to come, a new chapter allowing those of the past to be closed, and the beginning of a new story – hopefully a much happier one, where friends are going to be made and the ability to fit in with others with the same interests as herself.  

On the other hand , she also felt apprehension, anxiety of the unknown.  She brought the books and files she was carrying closer to her chest as if they were going to comfort and reassure her that it was going to all turn out alright.  She felt the pristine notebooks beneath her fingertips, not yet written with the words and notes of lectures to come, information important to her future and ambitions.  Her legs felt tired and weak with the waiting of being allowed into the large, bright theatre where she would spend the next three years of her life, studying, learning and being inspired.

Finally the students filed in, choosing seats and chatting amongst themselves, introductions being made.  The room was large, ceiling high, the brightness and intensity of the fluorescent lights beating down making her feel giddy and faint.  She made her way to the front with help from a support worker or “buddy” as they were referred to, and finding a seat, sat down on the blue fold down seat, feeling the softness of its padding behind her and settling her notebooks on the small desk to the right of her, opening to the pristine white, untouched page of the notebook, placing the pen beside it, waiting with butterflies for the tutor to arrive signalling the start of the her very first lecture. 

After several minutes, a short man with graying curly hair arrived setting up a PowerPoint presentation on the large projector screen which hung overhead, reminding Rhiann of the large screens found at cinemas, its presence looming above her, its dominance and importance felt.  After a few short minutes, the lecture introduced himself, “Welcome, my name is Martin Graff and I will be taking this lecture for this year…” 

And so it began, the first day of the next three years….

What did you guys think of my attempts at writing in the third person?  I have to say although it sounded exceptionally easy, it was quite tough writing a personal memory and then writing it in the third person as the first instinct when writing about yourself is to use words such as “I” and “me” and so on…

Again please feel free to leave any comments and suggestions below…

Until Tomorrow…

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