HAWMC Day 22: The Things We Forget…

Welcome to a brand new post on ‘My Brain Lesion and Me’ it’s now Day 22 of the ’30 Days, 30 Posts Challenge of WEGO Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge.  Today’s challenge is a nice and short one day, perfect as I’m not feeling the best today.  The prompt reads as follows:

The things we forget…Visit http://thingsweforget.blogspot.com/ and make your own version of a short memo reminder.  Where would you post it?

The site ‘Things we Forget‘ is a series of photographs depicting thought-provoking quotes and other uplifting messages on post-it notes and then placed and photographed in public places all around the world.  If I had to contribute one then I would share this:

I find the above quote inspiring, and was written by an American author, historian and Unitarian clergyman Edward Everett Hale (1822-1909).  It reminds me that even when I am feeling really bad, when the dizziness is so intense, and my legs are very weak and virtually unable to stand that I am still important, and still have something that I can contribute to society at large, or my community, or even a little job to help my parents.

It is also important to remember, and the quote reminds me of the fact that the struggles that we may face shouldn’t stop us from achieving what we want from life, or things that we may want to do like travel or further our education, and so on.

Where I would place the memo reminder? Well, I would definitely put this in my bedroom, sticking it to the computer – a place where I would see it everyday and remind me to battle on through all my struggles and illness.  I may also share it in the Mental Health Centre, a place I volunteer at once a week, to remind others going through major difficulties and ill-health, something to inspire them to achieve their goals and to travel their long and hard road to recovery…


One thought on “HAWMC Day 22: The Things We Forget…

  1. I really believe you have to go for what you want,and the struggles to get there make it all the sweeter! Nice you are volunteering once a week. I hope you really do post it there,

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