HAWMC Day 15: Writing with Style…

Well, it’s now officially halfway through the challenge for the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge!! Hope you all have enjoyed the entries so far and will continue to visit the blog after the Challenge has ended.  So, today’s challenge is as follows:

Writing with Style…What’s your writing style? Do words just flow from your mind to your fingertips? Do you like handwriting first? Do you plan your posts? Title first or last? Where do you write best?

Before I Start Writing 

Okay so before, I begin writing any posts to my blog, the first thing is decide on the theme of the post, a topic to write about for that particular entry – it may be about how I am feeling, or how I have been feeling lately with my condition – if things have gotten worse.  Sometimes, I find inspiration in things I have written in my personal journal, or perhaps articles I have read in a magazine or newspaper, a topical issue that needs to be debated and talked about.  So, I always know what I am going to write before I put a pen to paper (or in my case, type on a keyboard)…

Image: http://www.nextgreatbrand.com/sure-you-can-blog-but-can-you-write/

The Writing Process 

Before, I actually start typing my new blog entry, I usually jot some ideas and key themes which I want to address within the post.  Once I finish brainstorming ideas, I then get down to business.  I find that I write best in my bedroom, my own personal space and where I am able to get peace and quiet from any distractions, I usually try to write when I’m alone in the house, so I am able just to focus on what I am writing.  And then I just start typing just letting my words flow freely from my mind, occasionally taking the time to read carefully over what I have written, editing as I go alone – checking for spelling and grammatical errors…

After the Writing Process…

Then after I am happy with what I have written and am satisfied that I have covered all areas of the topic that I have written about I finish typing.  I then take a look at what I have written, checking for any spelling or grammatical errors, or even sometimes add to what I have written.  Once I am finally happy with that I have written, I then search for any appropriate images that I could incorporate into the post, if there are any images that goes well with the subject matter of the entry.  Once all that is done, I add any ‘tags’ to appropriately match the article, so readers are able to get a quick sense of what the post is about before they decide whether or not to read on….

And then I publish!!…

However, I also find that my posts are not always planned and sometimes write spontaneously, especially if I am feeling low or I haven’t been well – I use it as a cathartic way of expressing my emotions and feelings regarding my condition and the effects it has on my daily life.

If there are any other bloggers reading, what is your writing style??  Is the process I use to write the blog effective?  Are there any techniques that could improve my writing style?

Again would love to hear all of your comments and suggestions and what you all think…


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