HAWMC Day 14: My Dream Day…

Hey Everyone, hope you are well. May have to keep this one short, as having a very bad day, writing this from my bed on my laptop. Thought about using one of the two ‘Get Out of Post Free’ days, but am bored so thought I would still take part anyway, give me something to do, and something else to focus on other than the dizziness, nausea or the intense trembling in my legs.

Anyway, here is today’s prompt:

My Dream Day…Describe your ideal day. How would you spend your time? Who would you spend it with? Have you had this day? If not – how could you make it happen?

Had a very hard think about this one, and eventually decided that my dream day would take me to Italy. Italy is a country that I so desperately want to visit – I love everything about it – the language, the food, and the history of the country and its splendid architecture.

One of my favourite Shakespeare play has to be ‘Romeo and Juliet’, so my dream day would definitely involve a trip to Verona, the place where the famous tragedy is set. Perhaps a visit to the balcony of the house in which the real ‘Juliet’, the girl who supposedly inspired one of the greatest plays of all time lived.

Image: http://www.coachbigbang.com/?p=1936

The person whom I would choose to share the experience with? Well, I would have to choose my Mum, who is also my best friend. I can imagine us now, roaming the streets of Verona, sampling the delicacies and authentic Italian food – pizza, ice-cream, pasta dishes…

My Mum has actually already visited Italy and Verona itself, but this ‘Dream Day’ hasn’t happened for me yet. Maybe one day it will happen – it would be fantastic if it did, but am not sure if it ever will – my legs would need to be stronger. All of you who are also suffering with chronic illnesses yourselves, am sure can understand, that it is so difficult making plans, or planing trips away as you can never be sure when you are going to be so unwell you are unable to get out of bed. Never know when your next bad day is going to be, and I never know when my legs are going to give way next…

So, what would be YOUR ‘Dream Day’? Where would you choose to spend it, and who would you choose to spend it with? I would love to hear all of your ideas…


3 thoughts on “HAWMC Day 14: My Dream Day…

  1. Thanks for dropping by Butterflylessons.com and suggesting that I read your blog. I totally understand your fear about not being able to travel well. I have “spells” with my legs every so often and it is truly frightening. I’ve been able to travel overseas (but not to Italy yet), by planning very, very carefully (and purchasing trip insurance). Have you thought about cruising? You could visit ports each day and then come back on the ship if you get tired. KIT Katina

  2. Thank you for the reply. Yes, have thought about going on a cruise, Mum and Dad actually went on one last year, and loved it!! They weren’t sure how I would be on one though, due to my problems with balance which may be exacerbated by being on a ship, especially if it were rough, but may be a possibility. I know a local bus company does a tour to Lake Garda in Italy with a trip to Verona included, so if I were to get a wheelchair (which I am going to get an assessment for) then maybe I would be able to go on one of their tours, and use the wheelchair so I wouldn’t have to worry about my legs giving way.

  3. I wonder about cruises too. It is a lot of money and planing to decide you are seasick and want off! I went on a couple of pleasant smaller 2 hour boat cruises in November and for one of them I was fine and my husband got sick. ( I got rather smug about the whole thing)

    Verona sounds like a wonderful trip!

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