HAWMC Day 12: Stream of Consciousness Day…

A brand new day…and a brand new post as part of WEGO Health 30 day, 30 Posts Challenge for the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge. So today’s prompt is the following:

Start with the sentence “This morning I looked in the mirror…” just write, don’t stop, don’t edit. Post!

Okay so here it goes….

Today I looked in the mirror. I saw myself – dark circles, pale. Might be due to the fact that I had a rough night, woke up with the dizziness and when I woke up from it, I found myself holding onto the bars on my headboard – I must even be dizzy in my dreams!!

Even though looking at me, you wouldn’t be able to tell that I was suffering from a ‘disability’. However, saying this I have had many comments, especially of late when it seems my condition has deteriorated somewhat that I look very unwell – with my very pale complexion and bags under the eyes. So, I have started using tinted mosituriser and blusher when going out, whether it be to my voluntary placement, or a mini day-out, to give the illusion of a healthy and natural glow.

The only time that looking unwell is useful, is trips to the doctors’ office or hospital appointments. Sometimes it seems that if you look healthy, there can’t be much wrong with you. I certainly have had experience with doctors’ who have this idea, and often they are more likely to take you seriously if you indeed look ‘sick’.

I remember when I was younger, and kept going back to the doctors because of the frequent dizziness and constantly been sent for blood tests to check if I had anaemia because I was so pale…

It’s ridiculous, surely doctors’ should by now realise that not all conditions are visible, there a lot of conditions that are recognised nowadays that are certainly classed as ‘invisible illnesses’ and just because someone looks well and healthy does not mean that they are…

Remember, you cannot “judge a book by its cover”….

Image: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/booksblog/2008/may/22/howtojudgeabookbyitscov


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