HAWMC Day 9: Keep calm and carry on…

Well another day, which means a brand new post, still soldiering on with the WEGO Health  Activist Writer’s Month Challenge.  And today’s prompt is:

 Keep calm and carry on…Write (and create) your own Keep Calm and Carry On poster.  Can you make it about your condition? Then go to (http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/) and actually make an image to post to your blog.

First, I thought I would give you all a quick history of the (now) iconic ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ poster.  The poster was first designed in 1939 by the British Ministry of Information, intended to send a message to the British public in time of war, ‘to steel their resolve and boost their morale’.

However, while similar posters were found at the time across the country during World War II, the Keep Calm and Carry on posters were never used and were eventually forgotten about.

They were later rediscovered in 2000 at a second-hand bookstore in Northumberland called Barrier Books.  Since copyright on any works created by the British government expires after 50 years, the poster became known to the public, and the shop started selling reprinted copies of the poster.  Now, the poster is instantly recognisable and has since inspired countless products featuring the original poster as well as a number of parodies of it.

So, I have actually created two versions of the poster to reflect my condition:

I have chosen this image, as it is something that is constantly being said to be, particularly by my parents.  As, it has been previously mentioned, due to spastic paraparesis, my legs are considerably weak, often collapsing from under me.  As a result, I am unable to stand for long, and lately have been experiencing terrible trembling, or ‘jelly-like’ feeling in my legs.  When I am doing chores, or am standing up in the house I often stumble and fall, often being able to grab onto something so I don’t end up on the floor, and so my whomever I’m with, usually Mum tells me ‘to go and sit down’…

And the other poster I have created is the following:

With neurological conditions no one person will experience the exact same symptoms, as it depends on which part of the brain is affected as different parts of the brain is responsible for different functions.  Therefore, no two patients with neurological disorders are alike, just  like snowflakes…


2 thoughts on “HAWMC Day 9: Keep calm and carry on…

  1. I love love love both of your posters!!! I was asking Stephen and my Son what the “keep calm and carry in” poster meant. None of us knew, so I was very glad you added the meaning into your post. I never thought of looking it up. Have a great day.

    T ; )

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