HAWMC Day 8: Best Conversation I had this week…

Happy Easter Everyone!!  Hope you are all enjoying your Easter Eggs… Well, it’s now day 8 of WEGO Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge, which means a brand new post, and today’s prompt reads:

Best conversation I had this week…Try writing script-style (or with dialogue) today to recap an awesome conversation you had this week

Well, unfortunately, today I am not feeling well today, and am unable to vividly remember any conversation I had this week.  However, quite recently a very nice woman got in touch with me via a website that I am a member of, she recently moved into the area and was looking to meet new people.  Anyway, she first came to my house a few weeks ago, and last week we arranged to go out into our local town for lunch.  We were talking about my blog and she said something that stayed with me:

Your blog is a great idea, is a great way to educate people about your condition and you never who you are going to help by writing it.  Some person may read it, and having the same symptoms as you and go to the doctor’s with the information and get a diagnosis.

I have never really though about it that way, sure I wanted to educate people about my condition and to raise awareness of hidden disabilities in general.  But would be amazing to think that maybe someone could helped by my blog, especially as it took me years and years to get a definitive diagnosis, instead doctor’s telling me it was all down to anxiety and my problems ‘were in my head.’

It was also probably the best conversation I have had this week, as for one it wasn’t with one of my parents, who I spend most of my time with. And second of all, going out with someone and having a fun conversation enabled me to forget about my problems for a while, and just have some fun…

Anyway, I am going to keep this short for today, especially as I don’t feel well, so will see you all tomorrow…


One thought on “HAWMC Day 8: Best Conversation I had this week…

  1. I am glad you had a good lunch date with your friend, Rhiann. I can’t think of anything nicer for you than if you two became great friends and entered out together on a regular basis. Tell her “hello” from our group for us. I’m sure she is a wonderful person.

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