HAWMC Day 7: ‘In a Perfect World’…

Hello Everyone, me again!  Time for Day 7 of WEGO Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge.  Today it is up to the Health Activist to choose what to write about.  So, I have decided to have a look at the bonus prompts that were given to us at the start of the challenge:

In a perfect world…Wrote about one thing you wish you could change.  It can be in your own life or the world at large.

So, I though I would choose ‘world peace’ but though that would be too obvious!

As my blog is about my daily struggles with my condition…I would obviously choose to change so that I would not have to endure the daily symptoms or the struggles that I have to face.

It would certainly make my life so much easier, I would be able to have so much more independence and would not be a burden on my parents or family.

I remember when I was younger, approximately 15 or 16 I was so excited and looking forward for the time when I would be able to start driving lessons.  I would imagine how exciting to would be to pass my driving test and then having my own car – being able to take myself off and going where I wanted, anytime I wanted.

In addition, after finishing my psychology degree, I originally wanted to work within the mental health sector, perhaps as a support worker for those suffering with psychological disorders.  However, in recent years emphasis has been placed on community care and away from hospitals.  Therefore, this means that the majority of jobs in the field require employees to visit people at home, and so is now a job that requires being able to drive or at least the ability to use public transportation.

However, due to the condition that I have – and the constant dizziness, as well as the unpredictability of the vertigo and visual disturbances that I experience, it means that I am not allowed to drive as it would be too dangerous for me to do so…and due to the spastic paraparesis, the weakness in my legs, and due to the fact that they very often give way with no warning and I am unable to stand for very long, would make it near impossible for me to be able to use public transportation and walk long distances to visit people in their homes.

Not having this condition, would also make it much easier to be able to make friends – and keep the ones I have made.  This condition, and the dizziness that I have endured for so many years, have made it so difficult to make and keep friends.  At school, I was often ostracised from my peers as many often thought I was strange.  And even at university when I did make friends, they have not stayed in contact, although I do not know the reason why, it more than likely is due to my condition due to the fact that the dizziness makes it very difficult for me to go out to places, such as large shopping centres or to nightclubs due to the way that they make me feel and how they can bring on episodes of vertigo.  Unfortunately, these places are incredibly popular with my age group and where most people my age want to go when going out with friends.

I have tried to make contact with those who I were closest to at university but none have made contact… So, it seems at the moment I lead a very lonely existence, sure I have my parents, but would be nice to be able to spend time with other people, or even people my own age.

It also incredibly difficult leading a normal life with the spastic paraparesis…especially as I am unable to stand for very long – no more than around 10 minutes,  This obviously causes a problem when thinking about going shopping, hence the reason why I still live at home, as Mum and Dad are able to do the majority of chores such as food shopping, and the like.  And if I do go out then I have to take regular breaks, such as going for a drink so am able to sit down – making it an expensive trip out!!

Also, causes a problem with being able to perform chores effectively – I have to regular breaks and sit downs when I have chores to do, making it take twice as long to do.

Therefore, I would choose to change the dizziness and spastic paraparesis so I would be able to live a normal and more to the point a life that I would want to live….


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