HAWMC Day 3: Superpower Day

Hey Everyone

Another day, and another new post for the WEGO Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge. Okay, so today’s prompt says the following:

If you had a superpower – what would it be? How would you use it?

After some deliberating, and going through all the superhero’s that we all know – Superman, Spiderman, Batman, and so forth for some inspiration, I have decided that my superpower would be the ability to teletransport from place to place. At one point during the exercise, I was debating whether to go for flying – but seeing as I have a phobia of heights I decided against it! Heights is definitely one of my ‘Achille’s Heels’ in my life.

So why I have chosen my superpower to be teletransportation? Well for one, due to my condition – my weak legs, the dizziness, vertigo and the frequent visual disturbances I am unable to get out by myself. So, if I were to have the ability of teletransportation I would not have to rely on other people – especially my parents to take me to places where I want to go. To go somewhere to pass the time instead of spending it on the computer or watching daytime television – to go out when I want to instead of waiting for someone to take me.

Image: http://by-anca.blogspot.co.uk/2010/07/girls-and-just-another-girl.html

Another reason is due to the weakness in my legs, as I have regularly stated in the blog am unable to stand for very long before my legs collapse from under me – teletransportation would take the problem away of having to queue for public transport (which I am unable to do) – maybe I would even able to teletransport a chair with me so I would be able to sit down before a fall occurs – although my legs often give way without any warning!

I will be able to go to places that I have always dreamed of and go to America and Canada to meet dear friends that I have made in the fantastic support groups that I have found. Friends that have given me so much support, understanding and friendship during these last few months and at times when things have been bad. Through teletransportation I would be able to achieve that dream and without the need of going to an airport – with high ceilings and fluorescent lights which leave me feeling incredibly dizzy and can bring on the attacks of vertigo and visual disturbances that I experience.

And how I would use this superpower? Well I would use it to ease the burden that I often feel that I am on my parents? A superpower like this would mean that I could be less reliant on my Mum and Dad – I could take myself out instead of having someone else take me… A power that would just simply make life easier for me and give me a better quality of life…

So, what would your superpower be, and how would you use it? Again please comment below on your thoughts, suggestions, etc…


4 thoughts on “HAWMC Day 3: Superpower Day

  1. Teleportation! I never thought of that one! That would be a great superpower to have!!! Wow, just imagine the independence!!!! I love it.
    The part I love best? You coming to see us on the other side of the pond. Maybe, if we each had teleporting powers, we could take turns hosting our monthly meetings…lol. I’d really like that.

    SUPERPOWERS unite!!!!

    • Thank you Theresa, I thought your superpower has brilliant too – very original!! Glad you liked the idea of travelling ‘across the pond’ – would be a dream of mine to meet all the wonderful friends I have made 🙂

  2. Agreed. My gosh, teletransport. The possibilities would be endless, the guilt diminished, and the boredom capsized. I don’t drive because I have a fear of driving and don’t much enjoy being in a car at all. But now as I have developed these problems I don’t think overcoming the fear will be enough. Having a sudden attack of fatigue went be good behind the wheel. Driving won’t be possible at times when I’m in pain – what if I get somewhere then can’t bring myself home? Walking to and from bus stops or standing when there are no seats has also been difficult and has kept me home on more than one occasion. What a fantastic fantasy. Thank you for sharing. Just dreaming about it for a little while was nice.

    • Thank you so much for your reply Amy. I am glad you enjoyed the post. Yes, teletransport would be fantastic – like you, I have been quite housebound because of my symptoms, and unable to drive or even use public transport. For me due to dizziness and weakness in the legs, as well as the unpredictability of my falls, I am also unable to get out unless I am with someone, which leads to isolation and being stuck in the house for the majority of my time.

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