Mobility or Fashion?? Or Can We Have Both??

Well, finally time for another post!

So far, have had a good week – my Mum has the week off, so we went together into our local town to do some shopping.  In fact, wanted some new make-up as am so fed up of people commenting “you look unwell, are you OK?”.  Off to Boots I went, and now just have a couple of products to now give me a ‘healthy glow.’

The shopping trip would have gotten a lot better though had my legs hadn’t kept on giving way on me, so consequently had a few falls.  One thing I haven’t mentioned before is I currently use a crutch – I had previously used a walking stick, but found as my legs became worse, the stick did not give me the support that I now need. I started using crutches provided by the NHS via my physiotherapist…

Then I came across a site by a great friend, called Cool Crutches. They are a British based company who offer an alternative to the boring and dull grey hospital crutches and instead give several different options of colours and patterns.  They are also so much more comfortable to use, and the crutch even comes with a removable and washable neoprene squidgy grip, which moulds to left and right hands so does not leave the users’ hands sore as what usually happens with ‘hospital crutches’.  And they seem to be more lightweight than the NHS crutches that I started with but are still solid and robust.  Although even they are robust still found my legs still giving way and as a result having several falls in the middle of several stores! Ouch!!

Cool Crutches

I think anyone will agree these are a fantastic alternative to the grey and lifeless crutches.  They are cool and funky, and look more of a fashion accessory than a ‘mobility aid’.  Anyone who does use any sort of mobility device know that even though they are practical and make life much easier – they don’t always look fashionable!!  But these are, and am sure they are other sites and stores out there that are offering something similar.  I mean, we may be disabled – but it doesn’t mean we have to look and feel disabled.

If any of you have any stories of cool, bright and funky mobility aids, please get in touch!!

Image: Courtesey of @CoolCrutches


One thought on “Mobility or Fashion?? Or Can We Have Both??

  1. Hi Rhiann,

    As you know, I walk with a “stick” (a.k.a. cane) when needed on days I do not feel very steady. I have decorated my pink stick with jewel stickers from the dollar store. Everywhere I go people comment on how much they love my blinged out cane. If nothing else, I feel a little like a celeberty for a few seconds when people ask me or comment to me about it.
    I figure, if you need an assistive device, you might as well personalize it to your liking!!! It’s a fun way to express yourself as more than someone with a “disability”.

    Love you lots.

    T ; )

    P.S. I actually got the idea of decorating my cane when you mentioned that you put stickers on yours. So, a big “Thank you” to you!!!

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