Comfort Box: Getting Crafty!

I was browsing on YouTube a couple of weeks ago, and came across a video by a young woman called Kelly, who like me suffers with chronic illness.  In the video she describes, and demonstrates how she made what she calls a ‘comfort box’.  It’s a box which on the outside reflects your personality and your personal likes and interests.  On the inside, however, holds on the things that you hold dear – those items which bring you comfort, a smile on your face on the bad days; those days where you feel really unwell, or so down that everything seems like such a struggle.

So, I decided to make my own comfort box, and thought I would share you some photographs of the comfort box that I made for myself:

The front of the box with a couple of pretty butterflies and jewelled gemstones that reads Comfort Box’

The back of the box that again has butterflies and a couple of sunflowers – one of my favourite flowers and symbolic of my time at ‘Life 4 Living’

Again more butterflies! Plus a bird! And some more sunflowers!

More Butterflies!! – I know I’m predictable!! :)

The Lid – I used some decopage paper for this effect

At the moment the box is empty but going through my things and deciding what really makes me happy and gives me comfort for those ‘dark’ days especially when I am stuck in bed, and too dizzy and weak to get up out of bed.  Thinking of selecting some of my extensive DVD box set collection in there, which often cheers me up and keeps me entertained when bored and lonely!!  And maybe one of my cute little stuffed animal toys, really cute and puts a smile on my face and reminds me of some good times when I bought it.

If you were to make a comfort box; how would you decorate it?  And what would you put in it?




Images of Hope for Invisible Illness Awareness Week

As you may already be aware September 10 – September 16 is ‘Invisible Illness Awareness Week’ and as part of this fantastic campaign they are asking for people battling chronic invisible illness to share pictures that brings hope.  This can be anything from a photograph depicting a favourite place, a pet, flowers…anything which provides hope!  So, as I have been unwell lately and have not been able to participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge, I thought I would share some pictures that bring me hope!

My beautiful dog Honey who provides comfort, laughs, cuddles and kisses during times of illness and being bed-ridden!


This is a picture of Honey on ‘Rhiann Watch’ on a day in which I was in bed due to severe dizziness and incredible weakness in my legs. Was home alone so Honey saw it has her duty to keep me company and make sure all is well!


I love sunflowers, all flowers really! They are really pretty to look at – and sunflowers especially. At a recent ‘Life 4 Living’ group session we were asked to visualise sunflowers as part of a stress relieving exercise – which really does work!


And for all of you who know me – know that I really love butterflies!! I find them really inspiring for all that they represent and stand for. They are the epitome of change and growth

To see more images of hope you can view them here


HAWMC Day 24: Health Mascot

Hello, to all my readers.  Welcome to Day 24 of the WEGO Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge – 30 Days, 30 Posts.  The prompt for today reads as follows:

Health Mascot…Give yourself, your condition, your health focus a mascot.  Is it a real person? Fictional? Mythical being? Describe them.  Bonus points if you provide a visual!

I found this prompt difficult.  With any invisible conditions, it is hard to come up with any visuals to describe the condition, its symptoms and the effects it has on the individual.

However, one of my favourite things in life is butterflies.  I love the symbolism of them – the freedom they have, flying freely.  I also think they are beautiful with their bright colours and different patterns on their wings.  It can also symbolise change – as a butterfly emerges from a cocoon.  I have butterflies on a range of items I own, they are on my wallpaper in my bedroom, pendants on necklaces, on t-shirts and tops I wear, and so on.

Therefore, I immediately knew that due to my love of butterflies, I had to somehow incorporate a butterfly into my ‘mascot’ for my health condition.  So, I have decided due to my condition being caused by a lesion in the brain stem, I have used a brain stem as the body of the butterfly and then have used wings to surround the brain stem.  I have attempted to draw what it would like, which I have found exceptionally difficult as I am not artistic at all, and even more difficult with the tremors in my hands which I am experiencing today.

But this is my attempt:

I know it’s not very good, if someone out there is artistic and could up with something even better which I could use for the blog I would be most appreciative!!  Maybe even producing a banner for the blog instead of the one I have of the willow tree and the sea.

Again, if you have any suggestions, comments, I would love to hear from you.

Until Tomorrow…